The Terrace & Herbaceous Borders

The herbaceous borders around Stody Lodge wait patiently during the ostentatious display from the rhododendrons and azaleas, offering simple clumps of colourful tulips during spring.  These borders reach their full splendour in mid-summer when the emphasis in the garden moves back towards the house. As the soil at Stody is of an acid nature, compost and manure is regularly added to these beds to adjust the PH level so it is suitable for the desired plantings.

Regular visitors to Stody Lodge will note that the border running along the front of South side of the house has now been replaced with gravel.  The four large bronze urns (originally from the Duke of Buckingham’s house at Stowe) have been moved from the front of the terrace to back on to the house. By the summer each urn will have cascades of summer bedding which will add height and colour to the terrace.

In addition, the border surrounding the terrace has been extended to increase its depth. A wide variety of tulips and other spring bulbs will be replaced by a sea of herbaceous plants such as delphiniums, lupins and penstemon. Herbs for culinary use and to deter pests are found along the length of this border.