Stody Lodge is renowned for its extensive collection of rhododendrons and azaleas which burst into spectacular colour each spring. A walk through its stunning two-acre Azalea Water Gardens, believed to be the largest single planting of brightly-coloured azalea mollis in the country (over 2,000 plants), is a truly unique experience. 

Stody Lodge Gardens

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In and around the attractive villages of Stody, Hunworth, Edgefield and Hindringham, the Estate owns and lets a range of mixed-use commercial buildings and currently has several sites available for development. It also lets a wide variety of picturesque residential properties, varying in size from one to six bedrooms.

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Stody Lodge Gardens is delighted to be hosting the prestigious Animal Art Fair in May 2015. An exciting collection of life size sculptures will be situated within the gardens throughout the month as well as an indoor exhibition of oils, etchings and watercolours by the UK's leading animal artists (17th to 25th May inclusive.) Find out more here:

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